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Custom Software Development

IndianMark provides Tailored, industry-specific custom software solutions to enhance business competency and customer satisfaction

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Custom Software Development Services

Get unique service packages to address your specific needs!

Custom software development is the process of developing, implementing, and running software specialized for use by a set of specific users in an organization or enterprise, and is tailored to address a defined set of requirements.

Web App Capabilities

  • Responsive across browsers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Modern cloud platforms, containerization, and deployment automation; can work offline and sync data periodically
  • Polished, user-friendly, accessible user experience
  • Complex workflows, interactions, and visualizations
  • Multi-tenant systems that scale

Mobile App Capabilities

  • Cross-platform or native iOS/Android
  • Complex workflows, interactions, and visualizations
  • Gateway and management applications for IoT devices; Bluetooth and BLE communication
  • Polished, user-friendly, accessible user experience
  • Cloud-backed; can work offline and sync data periodically

IoT / Device Software Capabilities

  • Product development for industrial, commercial, and consumer systems
  • Extensible Agile-developed firmware; (we were leaders in IoT embedded software development)
  • Remote device management and updates
  • End-user and administrative web/mobile applications
  • GSM/Wi-Fi/LoRa/Bluetooth/BLE connectivity

Desktop App Capabilities

  • Cross-platform or native development for Windows, macOS, and Linux environments
  • Systems that harness local computing power, direct file system integration, and access to peripherals
  • Legacy systems improved, rearchitected, or migrated to web/cloud using modern technologies
  • Integrate smoothly with ERPs, CRMs, etc.

Cloud Capabilities

  • Platforms for foundation/backend of IoT, web, mobile, and desktop systems
  • Migrate existing applications and enterprise systems to the cloud
  • Convert monolithic applications to microservice architectures, or create new applications in the cloud using microservices
  • Our Oxygen Cloud,Leverage AWS, Azure, or other specialized platforms

Our Approach

Agile. Collaborative. Transparent. Time-tested.

Custom software means far more than custom code. It means hundreds of decisions—strategic, technical, design, etc. So we’ve become experts at product development, helping you make the right choices for your users and your bottom line.


Helping you answer the question, "What exactly should I build?"


Creating beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces that delight users and make your company look great.


Writing bullet-proof code that runs smoothly and securely across multiple platforms.


Getting your product to people—with minimum hassle.


Keeping your product in top shape with block-of-time support contracts so we can respond quickly to your needs.

An Iterative Process

You have more great feature ideas than you can afford. And you’ll keep having new ideas throughout your software project.

So IndianMark starts by helping you create a prioritized plan for a successful first release. Then we build your product in short cycles, meeting with you every 1-2 weeks to review the working software, ask questions, and adjust our plan as needed.

This gives you the freedom to adapt, incorporate new information, and launch the best product possible

A Fixed Budget

Being flexible and agile doesn’t mean out-of-control spending.

We budget by drawing on 15+ years of experience. And by focusing on goals, not features—asking: How much will it take to create a product with a strong chance to succeed?

And during the project, we use a Fixed-Budget, Scope-Controlled (FBSC) approach. This lets us ask, week after week: “How can we get the most value out of the remaining budget?”

Do What You Do Best – Better

Customer delight. Innovation and growth. Operational excellence.

Is custom software a big part of your competitive strategy? IndianMark’s experienced team can build you a complex software system across multiple platforms:

Enterprise Applications

Dynamic and innovative enterprise applications to optimize your critical business processes and functions. Custom enterprise applications for inventory and work order management, accounting, HR, ERP, CRM, e-commerce and more.

Advanced Web Applications

Advanced web applications developed with the most innovative technologies including AI, ML, IoT, AR, and VR. We design, prototype, develop, implement, and support your enterprise applications.

New Product Development

We help businesses through the entire lifecycle of new product development, right from idea to prototype to release. We create innovative, next-generation software products at unbeatable values.

Cross-Platform Deployment

We conceptualize, develop, and deploy your applications across multiple platforms- web, desktop, mobile, or cloud- with minimal hassle. We make your application available for almost all platforms and devices.

Application Information Consolidation

We guide you on the best technologies to be integrated with your existing applications for improving business productivity and efficiency. This makes your business more flexible and agile for the future.

Data Analytics & Information Management

Our data visualizations and advanced analytics will help you use your data insights effectively. We offer the best way to collect, analyze, organize, and present your data while maintaining a high degree of security.