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Helium CRM Development

Discover a single, affordable solution for managing your entire company.

A better way to manage your sales, projects, team, clients & marketing - on a single platform. Powerful, affordable & easy to use software for your business.


Get a Ai Based professional, industry-ready and cost-effective advanced custom CRM software developeder for your business today!.

A full-featured and customize CRM Software Development Service helps to cover various customer touch points and offers customized functionalities that match your business requirements. At IndianMark, we design, develop and help you to implement a complete CRM platform that is tailored just for you. Having extensive expertise in software development and specialization in customer relationship management application development, we follow the industries best practices for SuiteCRM development through our finest technology experts

Benefits of adopting Custom Ai Based CRM Development Services

  • Your business can stand apart from the crowd with your unique solutions
  • A customized client management solution allows you to pay for what you need and use
  • It offers flexibility to upgrade or change anytime your business needs
  • You can scale your system with the growing business requirements
  • You need less training on the platform as you already know what is in it
  • Custom customer relationship management platforms are more secure as you can apply any high-end security mechanisms you want

What We Do?

We at IndianMark, create high-end custom CRM solutions that are crafted according to your business specifications. It not only helps you in lead generation, but it also improves customer satisfaction through advanced technology implementations.

We develop enterprise-ready and highly scalable CRM Applications that help businesses to meet the emerging CRM challenges and opportunities in the cloud, mobility innovation, and social revolution. Our custom CRM solutions help to transform organizational objectives into scalable enterprise applications.

Why CRM for Your Business?

With this technology, you are able to integrate marketing, sales, and service verticals under a single roof personalized for every customer. It allows you leveraging via customer prioritized thoughts with CRM software solutions for your organization.

Select Customized Marketing

Customized CRM solutions enable you to be engaged in various marketing tools made up for marketing different sectors that help creating a tailored marketing strategy. You can also track users’ journey via landing page segmenting while tracking responses that serve your prospective customers better by offering value to all the requirements they have.

Enabling Targeted Sales

CRM software solutions help enabling advance sales management with all the integrated features that provide sales analytics, custom role permissions, and defining sales team hierarchy along. You will be able to empower tour sales with customized dashboards to target up-selling and help achieving online or offline defensive sales target.

Tailored Service Management

With CRM, keep a close note on the service level agreements and on the scope driven performance for on time customer service. Personalized CRM software solutions enable easy AMC or call based management for the intelligent automated service allocations. It helps involving proactive service distribution for customers to better after sales communications.

Integrating Other SaaS Solutions

It does not matter the type of architecture your system has, you are always welcome to integrate CRM software solutions with other existing software. Leverage comprehensive IT infrastructure with effective CRM software covering supply chain and customer service for a smooth and efficient business operations including all available departments.

Automated Billing Process

CRM helps managing multiple bills, vendors, and customers along. Acquire insights to achieve estimation for the customer acquisition and retention to enable effective marketing and sales strategy. To craft efficient CRM software that fits inter and intra departmental needs of your business, you need to stay connected with a reliable CRM developments company.

Enable Online Customer Tracking

With this technology, you can stay a step ahead of the requirements your customers have. Customized CRM developments help tracking your online customers and cater each one of them personally. In this way, you are able to offer every possible client solution by tracking the entire cycle covering delivery and other service needs on time.

Customized CRM Software Development Solutions

With IndianMark, try developing cost effective and customized CRM software that helps minimizing resources while spending and amplifying impactful results from the customer satisfaction and multiple tasks.

CRM Consultancy

Being one of the CRM development companies, we emphasis on consulting small and large businesses to drive multi-departmental growth. With our IndianMark’s CRM consultants, you can take your business towards leveraging the existing technologies and customizing the CRM solutions according to your requirements.

CRM Mobile Apps

You can control your CRM software solutions wherever you go with its latest apps. Get on time dashboards with intuitive information to support better decision making and quick operational ramifications as these help driving higher customer satisfaction.

CRM Personalization

You will be able to make most out of the multiple CRM tools with conducting CRM personalization at every stage. Drive metrics that matter for your organization while you can go for the custom CRM software development based on the available resources to help remaining a step ahead from your market competitors.

CRM Software Integration

This software is interconnected and allows connecting the missing dots within and outside of the dedicated departments with integration. You can share multiple details including customer contact, SLA, bills and other variables via a single portal having a dynamic customer information centre for easier management and maintenance.

CRM Development Solutions

IndianMark’s CRM development solutions are easily implantable within weeks instead of months. Integrate our customer solutions for CRM with your existing solutions, which are easy to learn and certainly adaptable. We offer modifications for your existing CRM software and with evolved requirements to make that future proof.

CRM Execution

We execute CRM software solutions effortlessly for your business with a proven strategy that helps data migration and rolling out each of the modules phase wise. We have a dedicated CRM implementation team who are assigned strategic and executive roles to execute the entire process effortlessly.

CRM Migration Solutions

We ensure zero information loss and guarantee utmost data integration as our foremost priority. We offer CRM software services support end to end, efficient CRM migration solutions that help initiating with a high level brief and forecasting possible information gaps in order to keep the process de-cluttered.

CRM Software Support & Maintenance

We offer 24/7 and 365 support and maintenance with our professional CRM software developers. Our professionals will provide on time maintenance and updates which are necessary for a smooth functioning.

CRM Portal Development

We offer a stepwise approach for CRM portal development that aids enhancing productivity and reduces portal costs with a highly usable CRM extension based on the dynamics or other available tools.

Reasons to Choose IndianMark for CRM Solutions

We offer our CRM solutions with our professionals’ team who are able to help you by executing the service with perfection.

Offering Supreme Reliability

While seeking for the CRM software solutions, you need to have a reliable partner with you. Our team ensures a complete reliability in terms of data generation and offered security along for your business as these help you experiencing an efficient utility of the CRM information. Our technical understanding for your organizational needs help us providing CRM solutions based on your industry standards.

Cost Effective CRM Solutions

In order to be successful in CRM software development, one has to execute the entire process in an effective way to make an impact without much effort. In this way, your CRM will work with full capacity. We are a reputed CRM development company and we ensure your revenue to surpass the resources capacities.

Quality Support & Maintenance

We offer on time data analysis in CRM solutions with our professionals’ team and our services offer regrouping the suspects and prospects into predefined filters for quality lead generation ad as an outcome. Our service enables utilizing multiple communicative tools like bulk email, SMS, follow-ups and other lead prospects as these are important to maximize leads to customers’ ratio.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Your credentials and business information are your biggest assets and we understand the value by signing the NDA right before starting the projects. With us, all of your information will be safe and secure.

Quick Completion

The strength of personalized CRM software development lies in agility. With IndianMark, you will be kept in a constant loop for every single project execution. We execute the functionality phase wise in order to offer on-time delivery without compromising the quality.

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