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Build & Grow your Business by Practising Informed Decision-making

Discover the true value of SEO for your clients or business. We have expert analytics consultants, who help you set up custom conversion tracking including Google Analytics Event Tracking, Facebook Pixel conversion tracking, revenue tracking, cost importing, and ROAS reporting. Backed by a proficient team, we further help you qualify your leads to benchmark your company against your competitors by customizing the best SEO strategies.


Google Analytics [GA] is a tool which is a part of the Google Marketing Platform that provides a complete insight of your website visitors and mobile app usage. It’s the eyes which the digital marketing department uses to navigate the online world without which marketing decisions cannot be taken wisely. Developing a mobile app is a great way to connect customers for your business. While creating an app, make sure it reaches optimal performance. Google analytics as well as Firebase Analytics are both great tool to help to monitor your app’s success.

IndianMark have an experienced and certified team of GA experts to help you implement it properly on your website, give training to your employees if necessary and also provide consultation on your existing implementation and help you derive the most value out of your website or mobile application.

Our Expertise

We are a recognised Google Analytics management company who have managed 5,000+ campaigns for 1,000+ clients & agencies. Our analytics services help you receive the significant insights you need to perfect your pitch.

Strategic Targeting

Our Google Analytics services cover Google Tag Manager, Ecommerce Tracking, Site Analytics, CRM Integrations & likewise that would help you specialise in new implementations & auditing existing implementations. Segment the market & understand your audience for you to earn maximum conversions.

Custom Reports

We are a process-driven Google Analytics agency providing detailed custom reporting that delivers results to help you deal with custom dimensions. Extend your capabilities while leveraging data, reports & resolving loopholes.

Data-driven Insights

Our analytics consultants offer clear data analysis for faster page loads & efficient data collection with Google Tag Manager. We ensure to provide troubleshooting solutions to you with advanced configuration, keeping in mind your key business objectives.

Providing Smarter Decisions

Understanding shopper’s decision is a must for any business. We, an expert Google Analytics agency, help you understand your target audience by providing you enhanced information such as measuring the number of transactions, web page performance & track the actions users take on your website.



One of the major benefits of using Google Analytics is that it is completely free to use. There are numerous other analytics tools available that work similar to Google Analytics; however, all of them charge a premium as subscription charges.


Google Ads and Google Analytics, both these tools are really important for marketers who are in the lookout to grow their business. While both have individual strengths, linking Analytics and Ads together lets the professional to properly set up goal tracking, conversion tracking and see how effective the ad campaigns prove to be.


With the help of Google Analytics, we can easily segment the visitors in many ways, such as location, the device used, gender, time spent on each page, demographics, visitors who came to the site on a particular time, etc. With this information, we can optimize the campaigns that are being planned and come up with better solutions to get more visitors to the site.


In Google Analytics, we have an option to set up required goals that are in sync with our marketing requirements. For example, if we want to know how many visitors are clicking on a particular button given in the site, the clicks on that button can be defined as a goal and afterward, the number of clicks would be tracked and shown as a separate report. This would help a great deal while running ad campaigns having specific goals.


With the help of Google Analytics, you can fix certain events as conversions and then track whenever those events occur separately. For example, if our desired action is to place a lead on the website, then the lead generation event can be set as an event and it can be tracked separately. It will help us in calculating the ROI and effectiveness of the campaign.


Marketing teams and management always needs reports to take decisions. With Google Analytics we can create customized report templates that will run every day or week or month and send you the report automatically. This eliminates the need to manually look into the analytics every time you need to know what is happening with the traffic on your site. In the Google Analytics reports the IP addresses will not be available.