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What We Do

IndianMark combines tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver results. IndianMark is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We enable clients in 3 countries to navigate their digital transformation.

IoT Devices & Application Development

We provide full stack of services for design, development, implementation and launch of connected IoT products.We help industrial companies and OEMs automate manufacturing processes, track high-value assets, add smart capabilities to analog equipment and improve production capacity with Industrial IoT solutions.We provide middleware solutions, including infrastructure libraries, web services, servers and integration to enable the secure and stable connection between IoT devices, user applications and data processing software. .

Artificial Intelligence Development Services

IndianMark AI development services help businesses improve their decision making and automate business operations and workflows. Top companies and startups work with Toptal AI developers to augment their in-house development teams and build AI applications, software solutions, and machine learning algorithms that solve business problems in areas including customer experience and supply chain.

Enterprise Cloud Services

IndianMark Enterprise Cloud Services Enabling Digital Transformation for Enterprises with Data Science, Continuous Delivery, Real-Time Analytics, and Advanced Data Visualization Services. Digitalization with leading Managed Cloud Services for Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Private Cloud.XenonStack offers Services to organizations for transforming old Technology Stack to Next-Generation Scalable Stack

Cyber Security services

IndianMark knows more about advanced attackers than anyone else. We help our customers see the big picture – understand evolving attacker motivations and methodologies in a way others cannot. Powered by industry-recognized expertise and nation-state grade threat intelligence sourced from machine, adversary, campaign and victim intelligence, IndianMark cyber security services enable smarter decision-making to help you outmaneuver your attackers.

Customized Software Development

We help our partners accelerate disruption both within their organizations and industries. They strategize new ideas and obtain real business value by getting the most out of our production-ready custom software development services.IndianMark has grown into an international contestant in software engineering with wide-ranging expertise in all the areas needed for reliable software development.

Web Design Services

We understand the importance of designing a website to build trust among your consumers. Hence; IndianMark team makes sure to leverage the trends and elements to design your dream website. We ensure to deliver a website design that will increase Credibility, Online Visibility, SEO, and Sales. is proud to have a team of web designing experts. Our team will take care of your website at each stage from conceptualizing to designing, developing, testing, and launching.

Who we work with

Our clients think big. They trust us to deliver disruptive thinking and innovative technology that empowers them to succeed.

We Build With Trust

"Building with trust has been our guiding principle since day one."